PHN Exchange - Version Log#

Information about each new version of PHN Exchange, including feature upgrades and changes, is published in this section of the PHN Exchange HelpCentre

Release Process#

Partner PHNs are invited to review and test new versions prior to release and publishing on the live site.

Each partner PHN will;

  • be notified when a new version is available for testing
  • be provided access to the test site
  • have 5 working days to complete their testing and provide feedback
  • be able to send feedback via

After the test period has ended, the new version will usually be released and published on the live site within two working days

Version 4#

Status: Planning

Release Date: N/A


  • PHN specific practice resources

The ability for PHN's to define resources to show their own practices, accessed from the GP Hub.

  • Practice Categorization

The ability for PHN's to define practices in specific categories, for example "Rural and Remote".

  • PDF Report generation on LGAs and Priority Areas

Autogenerated PDF reports that identify specific indicators defined by a PHN.

  • Ongoing license agreement types

The ability to have ongoing or perpetual practice license agreements.

  • PHN Data Report

Graphs for a PHN to review of averaged indicators of practices and the ability to contrast averaged results between practice categories.

  • Data Report Printing

The ability to print graph reports.

Version 3#

Status: In Development

Available in Test Environment: Thursday the 5th of December

Close of Testing: Wednesday the 11th of December

Expected Publish Date: Thursday the 12th of December


  • Home

Resources on the hompage for each PHN now link to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare dashboard.

  • GP Hub

A centralized dashboard of all the features a practice will need to access.

  • Priority Area

In priority areas, the names of local government areas's now link to an ABS Statistics website.

  • Practice specific licenses

Licenses created by PHN's can now be assigned to only be seen and accepted by specific practices.

  • GP Data Report

    Option for practices to sign required license agreements to access GP Data Report. Licenses created by PHN's can be toggled to block the GP Data Report until they have been accepted. Time series graphs display as percentages, solid colour represents the PHN percentage while the line represents the Practice percentage. Graphs have been reordered showing time series graphs at the top of the GP Data Report while instant time graphs have moved to the bottom.

  • Option for practices to sign required license agreements to access GP Data Report

Licenses created by PHN's can be toggled to block the GP Data Report until they have been accepted.

  • Practice required to review their details every 3 months

Practices that login and view the GP Hub are now redirected automatically to update their practice details if the practice has not reviewed them within 3 months.

  • Interface cleanup and organization

Previously users had to click the row on lists to open them, on all tables there will now be an "Edit" or "Continue" button on the far right of each row. This change facilitates accessibility requirements and allows for copying of information from rows without being interrupted.

  • Help Center

The Help Center is a website repository of information about the PHN Exchange and PHN in a Box. The Help Center is available through the navigation bar on PHN Exchange.

  • Security Upgrades

Several internal upgrades to the backend of PHN Exchange to support security.