Activity Tracking in Outlook#

To setup Dynamics 365 or Outlook, run the following steps: • Configure CRM so that it will install the ‘Dynamics 365 App for Outlook’ addin for all applicable users. It does this in the background, no manual install on each computer. • Configure the default Email syncing settings in CRM to ‘Server-side sync’ for Emails, Appointments, Contacts • Apply these default syncing settings to all current Users • Ensure all Users have permission to use the Outlook addin.

Emails, Appointments and Calls have a default field called ‘regarding’. This allows staff to select a record in CRM that the activity relates to. Reporting of activity based on topic can then be generated, and activities will also appear on those records if they are ‘regarding’ it.

How your PHN wishes to track activities is up to you – it is relatively easy to configure which entities can be used in the ‘regarding’ field.

There is a medium level of staff training that will be required, as well as strategies to ensure staff are actively tracking activities. Tracking activities using the addin is very easy but staff have to understand the importance/need of this. The Department of Health may require interaction summaries between your PHN and your practices. If this is indeed the case for your PHN, staff should be made aware that tracking is a requirement.