The 'PHN in a Box' is comprised of these core components:

  • GP Profile
  • Enterprise-wide Risk Framework (EwR)
  • Asset Register
  • Controlled Documents
  • Legislation
  • Data Dictionary
  • Geography

GP Profile#

The GP profile is a minimum dataset detailing each of the practices your PHN manages. Whilst it is not possible (or smart!) to gather all of the information required, the fields that the profile comprises of were developed in a joint effort between our practice coordinators and our executive the profile is intended to be updated regularly over time. If you believe additional fields are required, please talk with your manager who can inform the development team.

To watch a brief preview video (1min 30 secs) CLICK HERE.

Enterprise-wide Risk Framework (EwR)#

Risk Register#

Risk Scales#

Counter-Party Risk Register#

Asset Register#

Devices and Software, including allocations and licenses.

Controlled Document Register#

Data Dictionary#

Legislation Register#

Geographical Entities#

Included in the 'PHN in a Box' are the following geographical boundaries:

  • STE (States)
  • SSC (Suburbs)
  • POA (Postcode)
  • PHNs
  • SA4 (Statistical Area Level 4)
  • SA3 (Statistical Area Level 3)
  • SA2 (Statistical Area Level 2)
  • SA1 (Statistical Area Level 1)
  • LGA (Local Government Area)
  • CED (Commonwealth Election Division)
  • SED (State Electoral Division)

The physical boundaries of each area of each type are visible in CRM on an interactive map.

Each area also has a direct link to the 'ABS Quick Stats' page for that area, which provides additional detailed demographics.

Auto-Fill Address#

With a click of a button, the system can locate the address of an Account and automatically fill in which SSC, POA, LGA, SA1-4 that Account resides within.

This provides several significant benefits:

  • Find and export all Accounts within an LGA (you can filter by Account Type, e.g. General Practice).

  • Consistent, accurate data: Suburbs are not misspelled. Accounts are not placed in the wrong areas which means they can miss out on funding.

  • See total number of Accounts within an area.