PHN Admin#

How to fix Practices not seeing a "GP Hub" button on PHN Exchange after login#

PHN Exchange gives access to the GP Hub to practice staff through either an automatic or manual process.

Automatic Process#

If the email address in PATCAT against a practice is the same email address that they have registered with, they are automatically assigned as a practice member.

To confirm if a practice has the correct email address assigned in PATCAT:

  • Login to your PHN PATCAT portal, for Murray PHN it is;
  • In the top right of the page after login click "Practices";
  • Find the relevant practice and check the email address associated with the practice and make sure it is correct;
  • After updating the email address in PATCAT, PHN Exchange should take 1 minute to synchronize the changed PATCAT details;
  • After PHN Exchange has detected the email change, the general practice user using the email address needs to logout and log back in again to now see the "General Practice" section.

Manual Process#

  • Login to the PHN Exchange;
  • Click Admin on the left menu and navigate to your PHN;
  • Open the Practices section and find the relevant practice;
  • Scroll to the bottom of the practice page and find the Practice Members section;
  • Click "Create" and a popup will appear, supply an email address of a registered account on the PHN Exchange and toggle the flag "Is Practice Manager" to YES and click the CREATE button.

PHN Practice Coordinator#